Jr. employee Program

Junior Employee Program

In January 2021 Access launched the Junior Employee Program, which provides youth with employment readiness skill development and training. In this program we have hired youth to be Peer Mentors in our after-school programs or Jr. Outreach Youth Workers for Project Reach Out.  These youth are hired by the agency and work for the agency while learning how to become successful in the workforce.  

Each Jr. Employee is a part of the program for up to two years. The time frame depends on the youth and the goals they want to achieve.  Some of the goals our Jr. Employee meet to successfully graduate from the program are:

  • Open up a bank account 
  • Get your Social Insurance Number
  • Create a budget
  • Develop a resume and learn to write a cover letter
  • Learn how to perform in a job interview
  • Practice what to wear in a job interview
  • And get a job suited for a student 


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